The Strongest Connecting Rods In The Industry

Boostline Was Born In Mentor, Ohio

What started out as a side project for a group of engineers with loose parts, turned into a full product lineup and one of the strongest connecting rods in the industry. BoostLine began in the R&D lab at Race Winning Brands when our gearheads began reaching the limit of their off-the-shelf connecting rods. After hundreds of hours designing, testing, finding improvements, and re-designing, they developed and patented a revolutionary new rod!

BoostLine’s manufacturing and warehousing facility.

Engineered Design

So, how did BoostLine do it? Well, it all starts with their patented 3-pocket design, those three little “reliefs” are more than decoration. In fact, they reduce weight and lighten the rod while optimizing strength. That, paired with their 4340 forged steel construction, fully bushed small end, and ARP 2000 hardware, are a major part of why these connecting rods are 60% stronger than a standard H-beam. 

BoostLine engineers, design, model and dimension the connecting rods to hold the tightest tolerances in the industry.


During the engineering process, each BoostLine rod design is subject to complete FEA (finite element analysis), which is an advanced computer simulation that allows us to analyze what kind of stresses the rods would be subject to under operating conditions and account for those before going into manufacturing. 

Each BoostLine design is tested thoroughly by our engineer team. Seen here our finite element analysis process, or FEA for short. This process ensures that each product is produced with the maximum strength possible.

In-House Testing

Boost is in the name for a reason, the BoostLine connecting rod was designed with power adders in mind. Cylinder pressures have never been higher and with today’s enthusiasts discovering the magic of boost and nitrous, our engineers knew it would not be long before they would find the limits of current rod offerings.  The BoostLine connecting rod is one of the first off-the-shelf rods designed to withstand 2000+ HP performance.  

After hours of design and engineering each design is rigorously test on our in-house dyno. Our Research & Development team puts countless engine hours into each prototype. From dual turbos to superchargers these rods have been pushed to the limit.


Each BoostLine rod is finish machined in Mentor, Ohio at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Each rod is machined from premium 4030 forged steel and feature high-quality ARP 2000 bolts standard, with even stroger ARP 625+ bolts available in sport compact applications. Manufactured to industry leading precision, each rod is held to the tightest of tolerances with measurements being held to .0001in.

Forged from 4340 steel each part is fully machined to the tightest of tolerances.


All BoostLine rods are put through an industry leading inspection process where each individual rod goes through a 25-point CMM inspection in our in-house quality lab. Each critical dimension is checked and recorded onto a specification sheet provided with each set of BoostLine diesel rods.

Each set of BoostLine connecting rod endures a crucial 25-point inspection on a CMM inspection machine. Included with each set is also an inspection report detailing all critical specifications before being packaged.

In-Stocked and Ready to Ship

Currently, BoostLine offers rods for most popular Domestic V8s, including GM LS, Chevy Small-Block, Ford Modular and more. They have also recently expanded to cover four-cylinder (1000 HP) and 6-cylinder (1500 HP) applications, along with developing an industry-leading diesel design. Be sure to check out the new arrivals section of our site for the most recent listings and check out our Tech and Blog sections to learn all about BoostLine connecting rods!