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  1. Properly Torqued: Measuring Connecting Rod Bolt Stretch

    properly torque connecting rod bolts - bolt stretch

    Did you know that some of the most stressed components in any race engine are the connecting rod bolts? When you’re spinning that high-revving small block to 8500 RPM, the engine is going through 140+ cycles per second. This means that those tiny fasteners are trying to keep the cap from slinging off the end of the connecting rod, at incredibly high speeds and pressures, and doing so repeatedly for hours. Now, with that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to take the extra time to make sure those rod bolts are within spec and able to keep your rotating assembly in one piece? Today, let’s discuss what bolt stretch is, why you should prefer it to a traditional torque spec, and then guide you through the measuring process.

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  2. How BoostLine Takes Connecting Rod Design To The Next Level!

    BoostLine Connecting Rod Design

    Not all rods are created equal. Take a deep dive into what sets BoostLine connecting apart as we explore the processes of design, engineering, and manufacturing a boost-ready rod.

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  3. Why You Should be Checking Connecting Rod Bolt Stretch | Diesel Engine Assembly

    diesel connecting rod bolt stretch

    Learn why checking bolt stretch is one of several critical factors when building a performance diesel engine with BoostLine connecting rods.

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  4. The Engineering and Science Behind BoostLine Connecting Rods

    BoostLine rod quality inspection CMM

    Take a dive into the engineering and technology behind BoostLine's 3-pocket rod design and how it's able to support 2,000HP+.

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