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  1. Why You Should be Checking Connecting Rod Bolt Stretch | Diesel Engine Assembly

    diesel connecting rod bolt stretch

    Learn why checking bolt stretch is one of several critical factors when building a performance diesel engine with BoostLine connecting rods.

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  2. Industry's Strongest Connecting Rods for Duramax and Cummins Diesel Engines

    BoostLine Diesel Connecting Rod

    Since BoostLine’s introduction to the high-horsepower world, our patented, 3-pocket design connecting rods have powered many different engines across many different disciplines of racing, from drifting to drag racing. With success in testing and development for up to 2,000HP with our connecting rod line for various gas engines, we recognized the need for reliable performance in the performance diesel world.

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  3. BoostLine Powering More Racers With Expanded Rod Lineup!

    BoostLine connecting rods expanded applications

    BoostLine continues to grow, and our connecting rod lineup is growing with us! See why we build rods the way we do, and what racers can benefit from BoostLine performance.

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  4. Bring on the Boost! BoostLine Rods for Subaru EJ20 and EJ25 Engines

    Subaru EJ connecting rods BoostLine

    BoostLine rods for Subaru EJ20 and EJ25 engines takes the power and boost potential of an already potent platform to the next level!

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  5. Video: Hey, Honda Lovers! Learn all about BoostLine B18C Rods!

    Honda B18C BoostLine connecting rods

    Is your Honda B18C making big boost and big power? BoostLine rods are up to the challenge.

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  6. Video: BoostLine Introduces 6.000in and 6.385in Rods for Small- and Big-Block Chevy Engines

    small block chevy big block chevy connecting rods

    BoostLine rods for big-and small-block Chevrolet engines are in stock with more applications on the way. Watch the video to learn more about these 2,000hp capable, boost-ready rods!

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  7. BoostLine Honda K24 Rods Are Ready for Massive Power

    Honda K series connecting rods

    BoostLine K24 rods are in stock and ready for outrageous boosted power! Learn more about these purpose-built, high-cylinder pressure, power adder connecting rods.

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  8. Building a 1,000HP Turbo K Series Honda for the Street

    Building a 1,000HP Turbo K Series Honda for the Street

    We follow along as 4 Piston Racing builds a streetable 1,000hp Honda K series and dyno tests the combination to prove it!

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  9. Video: BoostLine 6.125in LS Connecting Rods

    LS connecting rods BoostLine

    David Freiburger stops by BoostLine headquarters to talk horsepower, big boost and the benefits of choosing the right rods.

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  10. 625 Plus Rod Bolt Upgrade Available on BoostLine Sport Compact Rods

    ARP 625+ connecting rod bolts BoostLine

    Sport compact BoostLine rods are now available with an ARP Custom Age 625-Plus rod bolt upgrade. Learn about the differences in rod bolt technology.

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