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  1. BoostLine Honda K24 Rods Are Ready for Massive Power

    BoostLine Honda K24 Rods Are Ready for Massive Power

    BoostLine K24 rods are in stock and ready for outrageous boosted power! These rods feature the same patented three-pocket design and rigid construction as our other BoostLine applications and are purpose-built for high-cylinder pressure, power adder applications!

    To shop BoostLine Honda rods, click HERE

    To see our BoostLine K24 rods in action on a 1,000hp Honda engine, Click HERE! 


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  2. Building a 1,000HP Turbo K Series Honda for the Street

    Building a 1,000HP Turbo K Series Honda for the Street

    We follow along as 4 Piston Racing builds a streetable 1,000hp Honda K series and dyno tests the combination to prove it!

    In today’s automotive world, 1,000hp still turns heads. Only a few short years ago, that sort of grunt was unheard of in a street car, and the absolute top-tier racing tech at the track. But 1,000 horsepower out of a 4 cylinder? That was the stuff of beer-soaked, bar banter. Oh, how the times have changed.4 Piston Racing, the brainchild of Luke Wilson and Josh Klein, has been at the forefront of high-powered four-cylinder engines for over 20 years and through their copious technical expertise, 1,000hp is not only achievable, it’s the team’s everyday grind. Through years of research and development on and off the track, careful component selection, and expert assembly, the 4 Piston Racing team can churn out an over-the-counter, quadruple-digit horsepower, long-block, dubbed the KT1000.

    “This is something we sell for road race, time attack, or general street use,” said Wilson. “It’ll cruise the streets easily, But, go to the track, turn [the boost] up and lay down 8-second passes. You can drive it like a normal car.”

    The foundation of 4 Piston’s 1,000hp K series long block begins with a factory block sourced from an Acura TSX, but is upgraded with Ramey Racing ductile iron sleeves in order to hold the massive combustion pressure.

    Stout Bottom-End

    Based on Honda K-series architecture, 4 Piston begins with a production K24A1 block from an Acura TSX. The block, although a factory casting, undergoes major surgery to prepare it for nearly a five-time boost in power. The engine is treated to full machining and the installation of ductile iron cylinder liners from Ramey Racing.

    BoostLine connecting rods and custom, Wiseco pistons are stout enough to handle the big boost 4 Piston has planned.

    The bore is finished at 87.5mm and a groove is machined into the top of each cylinder for copper O-rings to contain the extreme cylinder pressure generated by over 250hp per cylinder! An OEM K series crankshaft is utilized, carrying 99mm of stroke for a final displacement of 2.4L. Wilson says the factory crank is an incredibly stout piece, and all that is needed is a thorough cleaning, precision balance job, and for it to be installed in the block with ACL race-series bearings. Providing oil to those bearings is a factory oil pump modified by 4Piston for added pressure.

    The crankshaft is a factory Honda piece that, according to 4 Piston is extremely strong. It was balanced and polished before being installed in the block. The main girdle (not shown) was lowered on next and torqued.

    “These [pumps] start to cavitate at 9,000rpm, draw air, and lose pressure,” said Wilson. “Our pump is good till 10,000rpm.” Feeding that pump is a wet-sump Moroso oil pump. “That increases the oil volume and gets the pickup down deeper while also adding a baffle and windage tray,” said Wilson. “At the track, the oil tends to slosh around and uncover the pickup when the car accelerates or brakes, this helps prevent that.”

    Moving upwards in the block is a set of extremely stout BoostLine forged steel rods, which Wilson says are imperative to a street engine. “We build a drag version of this engine with aluminum rods, but you aren’t driving those on the street.” “An aluminum rod can absorb some shock and tuning error, but for the street, you need a rod like a BoostLine.”

    The BoostLine rods are hung on the Wiseco pistons. These use extra thick-wall, tool steel wrist pins, to make the assembly even stronger.

    The rods, forged from 4340 steel, f

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  3. Video: BoostLine 6.125in LS Connecting Rods.

    Video: BoostLine 6.125in LS Connecting Rods.

    David Freiburger stops by BoostLine headquarters to talk horsepower, big boost and the benefits of choosing the right rods.

    Shop BoostLine LS rods HERE. 


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